Alt&Safe, distance among workers monitoring system


Engineering at health’s service: it is with this premise that ALTEN Italia, aware of the complicated historical period in which we are living and strong of the excellence of its laboratories, has decided to develop Alt&Safe. This is an innovative System that allows to keep monitoring, during working hours, the distance among workers and to warn those concerned about situations of excessive proximity (below and/or above a certain duration), as well as to keep track of meetings in order to subsequently assess the risk of exposure to infected people, discovered after the event.

How it works? 

Each worker is equipped with a wearable device (similar to fitness bracelets/badges) capable of detecting the proximity of another device. This device records the information, and stores all the events about every single worker. At the end of the day, each device will be read by a centralized reader that has recorded all the movements and stores them in a database.

Alt&Safe respects workers’ privacy? 

Absolutely! The devices do not contain any workers personal data but each device is associated with a unique identification code (ID). A person in charge will hand out the device associating the identification code of the device delivered to the name of the assignee.

If an event of excessive proximity happens, the devices of two workers involved detect it, recognizing only the other ID: each device signals the event of proximity to the user (sound or light alarm) and records the event by storing the date, time and ID of the counterpart.

What happens if a worker is positive to the disease?

By accessing the data recorded on the database it will be possible to map out the list of all the IDs of the devices that have come into contact with the sick subject and consequently, provide the necessary restrictive measures for all people potentially at risk of contagion, in a targeted, but thorough way. It is also possible to identify the subjects duration of the meetings, how frequent they were, or how close they were, or the combination of the three elements.



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