The course offers the Foundation level of the “Certified Business Analyst” (CFLBA*) certification established by IQBBA®, which concerns the professional positions involved in Business Analysis (BA) applied in an IT context.

Each project begins with a business need. Each need must be explored, analysed and converted into a solution. This is the field in which a Business Analyst acts. The success of the project depends on his capacity and experience; it takes specific skills to identify needs, transform them into requirements and propose solutions.

Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering are complementary disciplines that must be knowingly addressed and applied in each business organisation, whose objectives include optimising the value produced. Business Analysis concentrates on discovering market needs and identifying the changes needed in an organisation, to allow it to achieve the ensuing objectives. These changes include actions on the company strategies and policies, structures, processes and IT systems to produce value.

IQBBA provides a certification scheme that assures a full understanding of the business processes carried out within an organisation, identification of the necessary changes and preparation of feasibility studies together with risk analyses, identification of the business needs and determination of solutions to the related problems.

The IQBBA® Foundation certification preparation course is aimed at passing the IQBBA® Foundation certification exam. During the course, therefore, various queries are proposed and discussed in relation to the certification exam and a practice exam is held on the morning of the third day. As a rule, on the afternoon of the third day, a certification exam can be taken in the classroom, by prior agreement with ITA-STQB.

(*) CFLBA = Certified Foundation Level Business Analyst

To whom

All professionals interested in investigating Business Analysis subjects further and improving them within their organisation, in particular those holding positions of analysis, modelling and improvement of business-related company processes: Business Analysts, Domain Experts, Requirements Engineers and Managers, Project or Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Designers and, in general, anyone wishing to achieve certification in the Business Analysis field.

The course runs for a total of 2.5 days. By prior agreement with ITA-STQB, the IQBBA® Foundation certification exam can be taken in the afternoon of the third day.

Cost of the certification exam: €240 + VAT

Public Session 2020 – IQBBA® Certified Foundation Level Business Analysis*

May, 25, 26, 27 Milano
September, 9, 10, 11 Roma
December, 1, 2, 3 Milano

*This planning is subject to a minimum number of participants.



Price of the preparation course for IQBBA® Foundation certification: €790 + VAT

The cost of the course can be financed in full through Fondimpresa

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