IREB® Foundation Level (CPRE FL)


The course, aimed at passing the IREB® Foundation Level certification exam, focuses on the development and management of requirements, aimed at adopting a common language and spreading awareness of best practices in Requirements Engineering, recognised internationally.

To whom

The course is designed for professionals in Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and, more generally, in the Software Development phase, wishing to achieve greater quality in their work (Product Manager, Testing, etc.).

Programme, Structure, Duration

The IREB® Foundation Level course programme is based on the CPRE Foundation Level – Syllabus and is structured into modules:

  • Introduction and Basics
  • The System and its Context
  • Elicitation of Requirements
  • Analysis and Specification of Requirements based on Natural Language
  • Analysis and Specification of Requirements based on Visual Models (mainly UML)
  • Validation and Negotiation of Requirements
  • Requirements Management
  • Support Tools

The course runs for approximately 20 hours, which are delivered over three days. The IREB® Foundation Level certification exam can be taken in the afternoon of the third day.

Cost of the certification exam: €240.00 + VAT

Public Session 2020 – IREB® Foundation Level*

March, 16-17-18 IREB® Foundation Level Milano
April, 21-22-23 IREB® Foundation Level Roma
May, 18-19-20 IREB® Foundation Level Milano
June, 22-23-24 IREB® Foundation Level Roma
June, 29-30 July, 1 IREB® Foundation Level Milano
September, 21-22-23 IREB® Foundation Level Milano
October, 20-21-22 IREB® Foundation Level Roma
November, 23-24-25 IREB® Foundation Level Milano

*This planning is subject to a minimum number of participants.


Price of the IREB® Foundation Level course: € 990.00 + VAT

The cost of the course can be financed in full through Fondimpresa.

The registration must be formalized within the fifth working day before the date scheduled.

For further information, please write to