IREB® CPRE RE@Agile Primer


IREB® RE@Agile Primer explains the basic level of the “CPRE* RE@AGILE” certification established by the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), which concerns the professionals involved in Requirements Engineering (RE) applied in an Agile context.

RE@Agile Primer explains how Requirements Engineering is an essential, fundamental component in an Agile IT context and how the Agile approach effectively fosters Requirements Engineering focused on value for the client. Its content highlights the classification and application of artefacts and Requirements Engineering techniques in Agile organisation and the correspondence of Agile techniques and artefacts with the elements of Requirements Engineering that are essential to product development. RE@Agile Primer therefore aims to encourage the use of Agile methods in a development process.

The Preparation for the IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification course is aimed at passing the IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification exam. During the course, various questions are therefore suggested and discussed in relation to the certification exam and, on the morning of the second day, a practice exam is held.

(*) CPRE = Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering.

Attending the course can give you the possibility to obtain PDU for the maintenance of PMI’s certifications. At the end of the course, the person will know type and number of PDU, after the confirmation of the presence during the lessons, according to Talent Triangle’s scheme.

To whom

All professionals wishing to investigate Requirements Engineering subjects applied in Agile techniques and to improve them within their own organisation, in particular those holding positions of Requirements Engineer and Manager, Project or Product Manager, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, domain experts, systems analysts, developers and testers or members of Scrum teams in general, and who intend to achieve IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification.

Programme, Structure, Duration

The course programme is based on the CPRE RE@Agile Primer – Syllabus by IREB®, and focuses on the following:

  • Motivation and mental approach of RE in Agile
  • The basics, values and principles on which the Agile methodology is based – Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of Agile methods and, in particular, of Scrum and its roles
  • The basics of Requirements Engineering@Agile
  • Documentation in RE@Agile
  • Tools in RE@Agile
  • RE@Agile techniques
  • Organisational aspects of RE@Agile
  • RE@Agile scaling

The course runs for approximately 12 hours, which are delivered over two days.

The IREB® RE@Agile certification exam can be taken in the afternoon of the second day.

Cost of the certification exam: €240.00 + VAT


Public Session 2020 – IREB® CPRE RE@Agile Primer*

March 19, 20 IREB® RE@Agile Primer Milano
July 1, 2 IREB® RE@Agile Primer Roma
November 26, 27 IREB® RE@Agile Primer Milano

*This planning is subject to a minimum number of participants.



Price of the IREB® RE@Agile Primer course: €850.00 + VAT

The cost of the course can be financed in full through Fondimpresa.

The registration must be formalized within the fifth working day before the date scheduled.

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