The Preparation for PRODUCT OWNER certification course has the twofold task of providing the basic training necessary to cover the role of Product Owner in organisations intending to adopt the Scrum method and allowing the Product Owner certification exam to be taken.

The course is not linked to any specific certification scheme. In fact, various schemes are explained, highlighting their characteristics, certification methods and the few differences in content. The course is structured in such a way as to allow participants to make their own free, autonomous choice of the certification that best fits with their objectives, with complete preparation,.

During the course, the characteristics of SCRUM, the roles involved and their contribution are explained, with particular focus on the role of the Product Owner, interaction with stakeholders, the process for the construction and management of the Product Backlog, with close attention paid to the concepts of value, risk and increase that can potentially be released, the main tools used, the mechanisms and events to manage requirements, planning, progress, revision practices and assessment of activity completion and, finally, an introduction to the application of Product Ownership in more complex projects.

During the course, queries are proposed and discussed relating to the certification exam and a practice exam is held in the afternoon of the second day.

Attending the course can give you the possibility to obtain PDU for the maintenance of PMI’s certifications. At the end of the course, the person will know type and number of PDU, after the confirmation of the presence during the lessons, according to Talent Triangle’s scheme.

To whom

The course is particularly suitable for those with business and product management responsibilities and suitable for all professionals wishing to investigate the SCRUM method and intending to achieve PRODUCT OWNER certification.

Programme, Structure, Duration

The course focuses on the following subjects:

  • Overview of Product Owner certifications
  • The basis, values and principles on which the Agile methodology is based – Agile Manifesto
  • Agile methods and why Scrum is the most popular
  • Scrum and roles in Scrum: the key role of the Product Owner
  • The Product Owner and the other Stakeholders
  • Requirements management and the creation of the Product Backlog
  • The refinement, analysis and planning cycles Release Planning
  • Sprint planning
  • The role of the Product Owner during sprints
  • Sprint closure: review, outcome of the sprint
  • The Product Owner in complex projects and organisations

The course runs for two days.

Public session 2020 -Preparation for PRODUCT OWNER certification

20, 21 April Milan
21, 22 September Rome
15, 16 October Milan



Price of the preparation course for PRODUCT OWNER certification: €990.00 + VAT

The cost of the course can be financed in full through Fondimpresa.

The registration must be formalized within the fifth working day before the date scheduled.