Big Data & Data Science

The aim of the Big Data & Data Science course is to provide participants with knowledge of the basics of Big Data and Big Data Analytics, the current best-in-class technologies for related project implementation and the statistical techniques applied to Big Data analysis.

Particular attention will be paid to the managerial and organisational aspects of a Big Data project, including through the description and presentation of the main Big Data Analytics applications in a managerial scope, with the aim of conveying the benefits that these tools can bring about in a business context, such as more efficient business management.

The Data Science module integrates Statistical Data Analysis techniques, Data Mining, Modelling, Segmentation and Scoring, combining the necessary data management and data exploitation knowledge with the teaching of rigorous interpretation guidelines and the correct communication of results.

The level of technical detail is appropriate to an introductory course, with more in-depth investigation left to specialised courses that can be attended later to complete training.

To whom

The course is intended for all Business Analysis professionals interested in investigating the topics and opportunities offered by the Big Data ecosystem. No specific knowledge of data warehousing and data analysis is required.

Programme, Structure, Duration

The programme of the two days course:

  • Big Data paradigm
  • Cases of Big Data application
  • Big Data Landscape
  • Introduction to the Apache Hadoop platform
  • Overview of components
  • Basics of HDFS and MapReduce
  • Overview of the appliances of the main vendors
  • noSQL database
  • Classification
  • Overview of the main NoSQL DBs
    • The role of data scientist
    • Statistical techniques and models applied to Big Data:
      • Data Mining
      • Linear regression and logistic regression
      • Cluster analysis and Decision Tree
      • Time series
      • Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis
      • Predictive analytics vs Prescriptive AnalyticsUse of predictive analytics in support of business problems

        Public Session 2020 – Big Data & Data Science

        TBD Milan

        Delivery method: on-demand


        Price of the Big Data & Data Science course: €850.00 + VAT

        The cost of the course can be financed in full through Fondimpresa