Business in first half 2021: +12.5% - ALTEN Italy

Business in first half 2021: +12.5%

Business in first half 2021
  • Earlier return to organic growth from the Second Quarter
  • 4 acquisitions in France and Overseas

The Group has returned to growth in the first half 2021. Business is growing by 12.5%: +2.9% in France and +18.8% overseas. On a like‐for‐like basis and constant exchange rate, the first half activity grows by 3.4%: ‐0.1% in France and 5.7% out of France. Business recovery has been stronger than anticipated in the second quarter. It is strongly progressing to stand at 29.8%: +24.9% in France and +32.6% overseas. On a like‐for‐like basis, organic rebound is of 19.7%, benefiting from a favorable basis of comparison. In France, organic growth reaches 21.3%; out of France, it stands at 18.8%. The utilization rate keeps improving to reach nearly normative level in June 2021.   All business sectors experience a strong organic growth on the second quarter of 2021. On the full semester, most of business sectors have grown, of more than 10% for some of them (Rail, Naval, Life Science, …). Only Automotive and Civil Aeronautics sectors remain behind the pre‐Covid period level (Q1 2020), even if they grew in comparison with the second half 2020. All geographical areas have renewed with growth this semester, except for Germany and Sweden, where the weight of automotive and/or civil aeronautics sectors is important. France is stable and keep being impacted on these business sectors. It shows nevertheless solid growth on other sectors.


ALTEN has completed 4 acquisitions in 2021:

  • In UK/Finland: 1 company specialised in Consulting and Agile Training (€9.5M Revenue, 65 consultants).
  • In Germany: 1 company specialised in Engineering Consulting (especially in the Automotive sector) (€10M Revenue, 90 consultants).
  • In France: 1 company specialised in the transformation and digitalisation of Information System (€37M Revenue, 280 consultants).
  • In UK: 1 company specialised in Life Science (€20M Revenue, 180 consultants).


The sectors of Automotive and Heavy Trucks, Aircrafts and Civil Aeronautics stay impacted by the health crisis.   The upturn keeps strengthening among those sectors, particularly in the Automotive sector. The other business sectors have exceeded their pre‐crisis levels. The return of organic growth has come faster than anticipated but its sustainability and intensity will however depend on the health crisis and its evolution. If the context stays the same, ALTEN should reach in 2021 a satisfying organic growth. ALTEN will keep reinforcing its position in strategic business and activities by pursuing its strategy of targeted external growth enabling the acceleration of its development, mainly overseas.